Dog Exercise & Agility
Training Field in North Wales

Dog Meadow based in Higher Kinnerton

Cheshire View Dog Park is the perfect place for your dog to run, walk, sniff and play in our secure field with not a lead in sight! It is fully fenced in, so you won’t have to worry about them running off or getting into trouble, and because we offer complete private hire, it’s yours for the duration of your visit…unless you invite a friend for a doggy play date.

We know that not all dogs are as fortunate as our own who love to run free off lead over our fields and jump all over our bales of straw/hay during the harvest season.

Seeing the enjoyment that our dogs get out of the land lead us to open this field and invest in some great agility equipment.

Freedom Without the worry!

So if you are fed up of looking over your shoulder, scouring the horizon for dogs or other distractions. Do you have a dog that is reactive to other dogs, one that runs away from you on walks or a dog that just seems under-challenged, under-stimulated, a dog that would love to have more fun?

Then book our field and give them the opportunity to enjoy some freedom.

Our own personal experience as owners of reactive dogs to create a super-secure environment where you can enjoy top-quality playtime with your pooch.

It’s a doggy heaven!

To achieve the maximum amount of fun possible for you and your dog, Cheshire View Dog Park have included a host of agility equipment and a sandpit for your dog to try out …… plus we have tons of toys for them to play with.

When you arrive, you’ll find everything you need from fresh water to free poop bags and bins for your convenience. We also provide secure parking for your car, taking your mind off everything except fun with your canine companion.